Staffed by a dedicated team with many years’ experience (some of whom have been with the company for over 30 years) and a management team who fully understand book distribution and the needs of publishers and customers, Orca takes great pride in ensuring that both the publisher and the customer receives the best level of service. Each publisher is assigned an individual staff member as their liaison both to assist with the transfer into Orca and as a first point of contact on an ongoing basis. By providing and developing this relationship Orca is able to understand the individual needs of each publisher and provide a dedicated but flexible service.

Credit Control

Orca’s Credit Control Department boasts a wealth of experience in the book trade. Their proactive approach in identifying potential customer risks early alleviates late payments and the risk of bad debts for publishers throughout the UK, Europe and particularly the rest of the world. The department, although functioning independently to ensure that publishers’ bad debts are minimal, has a very close working relationship with the Orca Publisher Services Department.

Client Trust Bank Account

We place a huge emphasis on ensuring that our publishers’ money is safe. Receipts from Orca’s customers are paid directly into Client Trust Bank Accounts, and it is from these accounts that payments to publishers are made. Publisher contracts specify exactly what these Client Trust Bank Accounts may be used for, such as paying VAT, refunds to customers, or settlement of Orca’s fees. The Client Trust Accounts are completely ring fenced from Orca’s own operating bank accounts and, in the unlikely event of anything happening to Orca, our clients’ money would be wholly protected.

Other Services

Through our sister company we can facilitate the provision of other services such as:

• Digital Printing
• Mailing of periodicals, catalogues and other marketing material
• Subscription Services